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The United States Soccer Prospects Facility is currently located at the home of the Texas State flag in a city called Montgomery. We are proud to be located here as we bring in the best clubs from around the world to be a part of our youth development program and of course take a great look at our prospective athletes!

United States Soccer Prospects will continue to make field improvements for the betterment of the kids in our community and for our parents to feel like they call it home!

U.S.S.P. Soccer Fields
U.S.S.P. Soccer Fields
U.S.S.P. Soccer Fields
U.S.S.P. Soccer Fields
U.S.S.P Bathrooms with A/C

United States Soccer Prospects -  Facility

Facility Address

 12681 FM 149,

Montgomery, TX 77316
Phone: 855-776-7728

Contact us for driving directions if needed! We are right off of 105!

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United States Soccer Prospects

12681 FM 149
Montgomery, TX 7736 USA


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1884

Montgomery, TX 77356

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