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The United States Soccer Prospects prides itself on the value of the players it identifies through its combines bringing in Talent from its very own program, or local, and statewide clubs.

United States Soccer Prospects International is a program designed to bring players together from its respective hosting states allowing players to battle it out in a 3-day training combine being tested to each player's ability. The players that get selected for U.S.S.P. International will have the honor to wear the United States Soccer Prospects International Club Squad Kit and compete across the globe in renowned tournaments that most US teams or players don't have access to due to invitation-only access!

U.S.S.P. has built powerful connections to give its players the ability to grow and develop at the highest competitive level the world has to offer.

The U.S.S.P. International Squad and its athletes will represent the US as a club team, not a national team. Once a player is selected your child is on National club duty for the year. This means whenever there is a tournament or scrimmage your child will be called again for national representation. Your childs spot is only secure for the seasonal year.

Being on U.S.S.P. International will allow your child to compete against the best youth club teams around the world when given the opportunity. This will also allow parents and players to connect with bigger clubs and reach the goal they want to achieve as a soccer player. Additionally, receiving the opportunity to get scouted, signed to an academy, or use this to add to their player CV for when they apply to college!

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