Senior Technical Leadership

Jarsi Ibanez
Technical Director

Kris Zeller
Youth Development Program Director

Kristin Tallas MBA
Director of Operations

Kelsey Ibanez M.Ed
Director of Cognitive Science & Operations

Michele Westerman
Director of Finance & Operations

Kris Zeller
Director of Goalkeeping

Rod Fuhrmann
Director of Competitive
Talent Identification

Tom Tallas
11U Girls Academy Head Coach

Academy Coaches Montgomery program

Landon Castello
11U Boys Academy Head Coach

12U Boys Academy Head Coach

Jarsi Ibanez
14U Girls Academy Head Coach
14U Boys Academy Head Coach
17U Girls Academy Coach

Rod Fuhrmann
17U Girls Academy Head Coach

Youth Development Coaches Montgomery program

Tony Ibanez
5U Head Coach
7U/8U Head Coach
9U/10U Head Coach

Peyton Zeller
7U/8U Head Coach
9U/10U Head Coach

Brandon Prutor
5U Head Coach
7U/8U Head Coach
9U/10U Head Coach

Landon Castello
7U/8U Head Coach
9U/10U Head Coach

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