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Local Scouting
fill out the entire form to the best of your ability for the best assessment! Scouting requests are free if games are within the club's 20-mile radius. Games outside of the club's 20-mile radius a fee of $50 per game is required to cover scouting travel expenses not exceeding a 50-mile radius. Games exceeding the club's 50-mile Radius a fee of $120 dollars per game will be required as this will be considered a half-day scouting fee.
Tournament Scouting  
$300  Full Day Scouting: 40 Mile Radius
$600 Full  weekend Scouting: 70 -105 Mile Radius
For Scouting done outside the club's territory in regards to its International Club Squad or "Road to Becoming a Pro" Program, we require you to fill out this form and the club will contact you. One of two things will happen, the scout will take a trip to you at your expense or your child must come to a tryout for the U.S.S.P. International Club Squad.
I want to be scouted for
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