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Meet Anthony Arias

Allistar Fitness is a full-service online training platform where we improve athletic performance and body transformations. Our software allows us to set up workout plans, nutritional plans, track progress, and more! 


Due to our partnership with United States Soccer Prospects, the Performance Initiative Program is at no cost to members.


The Performance Initiative Program is based on three-time per week programs focusing on building a foundation for athletes. Included but not limited to lower body strength, core stability, and upper body strength.


Workouts will change every month and progress along the way.

Every exercise will have a video demonstration and written details in English and Spanish.


If you would like individual attention for your athlete or would like to personally work on your health and fitness goals we can set up a consultation to see we make a good fit.


To access the program hub click on the link below and make a free account. I would also strongly recommend downloading the App to our software "My PT Hub".


We are excited to help the talent maximize their performance and health during the current situation we are in.


Looking forward to the progress we can make as a team!

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